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I love networking, there is always a wonderful experience to be had. Simply making new friends is the foundation for adventure. So if it's experience or adventure you seek. I am your Web Developer! Can't wait to connect with you!


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Who am I?

I always feel that I am never really good at these types of things. Talking about myself. I always feel as if I forget the critical things I think people are wanting to know about me. I am always honored when anyone asks to learn about me. Well here goes nothing! :)

My name is Tiffany Lo. I am the oldest of three. I have three younger brothers. I was born October 2nd 1990. And if you'd like a Zodiac sign. I am a Libra.

When I was very young. I believe at around ten years old. My father at the time was a garbage truck driver. Having that kind of job, he came across a lot of different things people would call trash. Sometimes I wonder if it was him who made of, "another man's trash is another man's treasure" because he appreciated everything he found.

The most treasured item of all that he brought home for us. Was a old IBM computer. That was the very first time that my family and I ever used and a computer or had ever been anywhere near one. It was strange... a little dingy with it's yellowing exterior. But the outside wasn't was captivated me, it was the inside. I wanted to put cmd codes in all day. My parents would say, "your eyes will go bad staring at the computer all day -- find something else to do. Take a break.." But I really didn't want to. I couldn't. It was just so interested how it would talk back.. to me.

I can't say, I remember what happened to the computer. But I remember the Getway computer we got later on. From there, we always had a somewhat latest computer in the house. Secretly, I had always wanted a Mackintosh, it was too expensive then and too expensive now. Today, I still dream of having one.

After finally getting my first Laptop, and design program Jasc Corel Paint Shop Pro X I really rocketed from there with Web and Graphic Design. I was installing php programs on my little blog. Creating designs for it about twice a month. Although, I honestly designed more then I could get around to coding. I learned just how easier sites could be edited in PHP as appose to the HTML way. I have met many young coders and designers along the way. But to be honest, this all started because of Neopets. Yeah, my brother and I used to run a guild. When we saw people like to join these little guilds because of the how awesomely designed they where. We felt the need to add banners and BBcodeto compete with other Guild Leaders on the site. I believe ours was based around Video Games. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Yes, I still love video games.. :D

If it wasn't for that cute little site. I can't say, I would have ever found what I was really good at. Most importantly, what I really, truly loved. When I was younger, it was important to me to find something that I ws good at. Something I could connect to. I think we as humans naturally want to feel connect, needed, important and so on. I am to this day, gratful for what Code has done for me...

One day, when I'm all grown up..

My goal was to a be Graphic Designer. When I finished High School, I had quickly enrolled in Design school. The Art Institute of JAX, but I had a family issue. That didn't allow me to go to college for a few years. I was about sixteen-eighteen then. As soon as I ended up in New York City, I quickly enrolled into The Art Institute of NYC and got a little part time job at Dress Barn. In time the struggle to afford college and live properly would eventually catch up to me sooner then I had wished to believe. Devastated by the reality, I disenrolled and continued working odd jobs. To go back to school, somehow, some way. But at that point in time, it was just a dream...

Here I am now at twenty-five. Nothing much has really changed about me. Other then, Coding, designing and what I know now. I know now, with the many opportunities school present. This doesn't have to be something I dream about. This can will be a goal, I get to excute. Right now I couldn't be happier.