General Assembly Admissions Profile

I was asked to submit a simple static page that represented myself, personality, etc, etc. and some words about myself. I chose to dip into my past with this one. This layout is inspired of the phase that got me into Web Development in the first place.

This simple layout uses images, CSS, HTML.

Elijah Ink WordPress Theme

PART I: First, I created a lovely Landing Page to honor the purchase of Musical Artist Kyle's emerging brand. His Landing page was a simple "coming soon" type video that used jQuery to fade out and fade in a photo collage.

PART II: Finally, I skillfully worked to create a mobile ready WordPress Theme. This theme is a parallax style, built with W3.CSS framework.

St.Johns Contractor

Back in 2012 I worked at a contracting company as a Receptionist, they asked me to build them a website.

Car Shopping APP

We call it CarFetch. A car shopping App. Created by Carrow and Tiffany(myself). It was built in a matter of 7 days for a final project at General Assembly. The purpose of CarFetch is to aid people in vehicle shopping. Making the the car shopping experience less of a hassle. CarFetch will let you find different dealerships to shop from. You'll get the address and the place your looking to go to buy from. All this on one simple and clean app. You'll be able to read and post reviews on, dealerships and actually products that other shoppers have purchased. As we worked on creating this, app day in and day out. It went nameless. If it wasn't for the help of our classmate; Mimi Wu. We'd probably still be nameless.

Bartending CRUD APP

For my third project at General Assembly, I created a FrontEnd ReactJS app. This uses the Absolute API . This app let's you become a Bartender!

ReactJS Calculator

This was homework that I did when I was attending as a student at General Assembly. We where given a task to create a Calculator.

Book Search CRUD APP

For my second project at General Assembly. I created a Full Stack web application that uses a single API. I like how the overall look came out. Though, I am still trying to finish a few CRUD features. So far you'll be able to search books by Author or Title (get prices, short descriptions and the author of the book). Share books with friends via email. Save books you like or change your mind and delete the ones you don't.

Lights Out JS Game

When General Assembly was over, I went back and created this game. Game logic isn't my strong suit. Overall, I'm satisfied with how it came out. Light Out is built on pure Vanilla JavaScript. It uses Materialize.css for styling. Check boxes represent Light Bulbs. Try to turn them all off in order to win the game.